(White + CMYK) LED UV Production
Inkjet (Drop-on-demand) Printing Press

  • Fully customizable according to your needs.
  • All choices are available for combination with in-ine finishing,
    semi-rotary die-cutting, UV flexo varnishing, cold/hot foil stamping and more.
  • UV-LED pin curing system and inkjet varnishes available

Print Head

Incorporated in the heart of SHIKI PJ series is the world’s fastest Drop-on-demand (DOD) inkjet print head developed by Kyocera. Being a global leader in the fine ceramic industry, Kyocera applied its proprietary piezoelectric ceramic technology to create a compact piezo actuator, which comprises the very critical element of this print head technology.

Each head has 2,656 ink nozzles arranged in a 4.25-inch-wide print line, and offers 600 x 600 dpi and/or 600 x 1,200 dpi high resolution at the high speed.

Different Ink Drop Sizes

Variable droplet sizes are from 3pl to 13pl. Having variable drop sizes with its max. resolution of 600 x 600 dpi and/or 600 x 1,200 dpi, help achieve sharp and high image quality.

*As inkjet drops have a different appearance on different substrates, please test beforehand  and choose the appropriate drop size for each substrate.

Conventional ink droplet

Variable ink droplet

UV-LED Curing Technology

UV-LED technology brings various benefits summarized in the right table such as high energy saving, lower operating costs, safer and more friendly working environment etc. In addition to the standard UV-LED drying system, we could offer a pinning cure option. In pinning cure option, smaller UV-LEDs are mounted between each color so that inks get partially cured after being jetted, hence no time for the ink to be spread. The result is a reduction in dot gain, and realization of a sharper more vibrant color image.

Web Handling: Roll to Roll
Printing technology: Piezo single pass UV inkjet technology
Print Resolution: 600 dpi x 600 dpi
Max. length of the image to be printed: 2700mm *for variable information : 1000mm
Max. thickness of the materials: adjustment of the gap of the print head
Inks: UV LED Inks (W+C/M/Y/K)
Drying: UV-LED drying system
Max. Printing Speed: 50M/min(max)
RIP software: Own PJ software developed by SHIKI
Electric capacity required: AC200V/ 3 phases 8kw
Weight: 680kg in case of PJ 240mm standard model
Country of Origin: Japan

Staggered Print Head Arrangement

Its broad 4.25 ‒inch wide inkjet print head and simplified layout design allows SHIKI PJ series to achieve wider web width with fewer print heads.

PJ 120

  • Max. web width : 120mm
  • Max. print width : 108mm
  • 1 print head per each color

PJ 250

  • Max. web width : 250mm
  • Max. print width : 216mm
  • 2 print heads per each color

PJ 350

  • Max. web width : 350mm
  • Max. print width : 324mm
  • 3 print heads per each color

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