LC330 Compact Laser Finishing

LC330 Compact Laser Finishing

LC330 Compact Laser Finishing


LC330 Compact Laser Finishing

The LC330 is a compact, economic and fully digital laser finishing machine. Simply download the file from the pre-press department and the laser module is ready. The system can be fitted with an optional barcode reader for faster reload of existing jobs. The laser power ranges from 100-400 Watt (400-1000 Watt peak). It is possible to cut with different power levels on the same label. The standard LC330 has laser die, slitting and dual rewind. The unit is prepared for flexo varnish, spot varnish, lamination, cold foil and automatic knife box.


The GM LC330 comes on a standard 1m GM frame and is designed to fit into any GM converting line with minor electrical and mechanical modifications. A typical configuration is flexo-graphic varnish, laser cutting slitting and rewind – but other ore complex setups are possible.


With near zero setup time for existing jobs and five minutes setup for new jobs this system counters the challenges of smaller runs and shorter lead times, thus ensuring day-to-day delivery of labels. An investment in the LC330 will give you continuous production and unlimited repeat lengths to increase efficiency and productivity.


Save the cost of buying conventional die plates, and spare the time spent setting up a new job. The LC330 will increase the flexibility of your production facility to take on short runs and lead times, and is almost certainly the most cost-efficient laser die cut solution.


The LC330 system can be upgraded up to 1000 W. The laser mirror system and control cards will remain in the unit – only the laser source is upgraded. This ensures a long lifetime of the machine and the full benefit of future low cost high power lasers.

Technical Specifications

Specifications Metric Imperial
Web width 50 – 330 mm 2 – 13″
Substrate 50 – 200 µm
Speed Up to 72 m/min (236 ft/min) depending on laser
power and cut pattern
Diameter max. Ø500 mm 19.7″
Core diameter 25 – 152 mm 1 – 6″
Diameter max. Ø700 mm 27.6”
Core diameter 76,2 or 152,4 mm 3 or 6″
Laser Die
Power 100, 150, 250 or 400W
Laser Type Single head pulsed CO2
Laser Spot Size 350 μm
Flexo Station
Print cylinder size 228 – 482,6 mm 9 – 19″
Spot varnish option (digital sensor register control)
Slitting Station
Knife Type Pneumatic crush, shear or razor knife
Minimum distance crush 12,7 mm 0.5”
Minimum distance shear 10 mm 0.4”
Power/Air 3x400V+N+PE, 32A, 6 bar
Dimensions (WxDxH) 3,3 x 2,4 x 1,8 m
Exhaust UV Ø100 mm, 800 m³/h. Outside.

Exhaust LASER Ø160 mm, 800 m³/h. Outside.

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